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Consulting. Events. Innovation.

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Who we are

PhDTalent is a start-up founded by PhDs interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, applied research, and transfer of concept and ideas. We place ourselves at the crossroads of PhD recruitment actors. Thus, we collaborate with universities, public institutions, PhD candidates associations and PhD employment promoters to organize every year the PhDTalent Career Fair, an international career fair in Paris for PhD students from all academic fields.

What we do

The original idea of organizing an international career fair is obviously related to our very own experience as PhD students and young PhDs. We aim to help PhD candidates find answers to questions we had a few years ago such as « can I find jobs outside of the acacemic field? », « how to enhance my skills as a PhD on the work market? » or « how to start a company? ». We want every PhD to find a job or create their own according to their proficiency provided by their highest education and training. That's why we provide PhD candidates/young PhDs and companies an opportunity to meet : the PhD Talent Career Fair. The 5th edition took place on October 21st, 2016 at Le CENTQUATRE-Paris and was a huge success.

Why hiring a PhD

A PhD spent 3 to 5 years working on a specific project, answering specific and original questions. They are obviously specialized in their own field but they mainly acquired a wide range of skills perfectly adjustable to very diverse jobs. They have analytic, synthetic and communicative skills, They are autonomous, persistent and creative. These are the basics qualities of all PhDs but also add other skills according to their specialties. The PhDTalent Career Fair is a unique event to meet these highly proficient job candidates.

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PhDTalent received the Andès-Initiatives award during the "Journée de la Communauté Française des Docteurs 2015" (JCFD 2015) for the best initiative related to PhD employment.