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Need cutting-edge skills in your company during a consulting mission? The "mission doctorant-conseil" scheme allows you to benefit from the expertise of a PhD student during a maximum of 32 days by year. We accompany you from A to Z on this scheme. We help you to define the mission objectives and deliverables, we search for the best PhD student in partnership with our academic partners, and we follow-up the contractualization between the university and the PhD student you chose and you. All kinds of mission are eligible to this scheme, such as scientific or technical studies, strategic surveys, trainings of your employees, etc... Depending on the type of the mission, a tax reduction (Crédit Impôt Recherche) up to 60% of the invoice may be applied on your corporate tax.


The original idea of organizing an international career fair is obviously related to our very own experience as PhD students and young PhDs. We aim to help PhD candidates find answers to questions we had a few years ago such as « can I find jobs outside of the acacemic field? », « how to enhance my skills as a PhD on the work market? » or « how to start a company? ». We want every PhD to find a job or create their own according to their proficiency provided by their highest education and training. That's why we provide PhD candidates/young PhDs and companies an opportunity to meet : the PhD Talent Career Fair, the largest career fair dedicated to PhDs in Europe. The 5th edition took place on October 21st, 2016 at Le CENTQUATRE-Paris and gathered more than 2000 visitors and 80 companies.

The PhDTalent Career Fair 2016





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PhDTalent received the Andès-Initiatives award during the "Journée de la Communauté Française des Docteurs 2015" (JCFD 2015) for the best initiative related to PhD employment.