Any expertise at any moment

We don't have any consultant. What we offer you is recruiting a PhD candidate for a few days in the framework of a consulting mission.

These missions are called «missions doctorant-conseil». Their goal is dual : on one hand, companies have access, for a few days and at an accessible price, to the skills of the PhD candidates to solve their innovation problems. On the other hand, they give PhD candidates the opportunity to highlight their skills and scientific expertise.

Eligible missions

The mission does not have to be related to the topic of the thesis of the PhD candidate you want to recruit.

We provide you a few examples of missions that can be performed:

  • Conception of a part of a new device.
  • Training of your staff on a specific technology.
  • Audit of your production process of one of your products.
  • Market surveys.
  • Feasbility studies for the development of a new technology.

Eligible PhD candidates

Most PhD students can perform these missions.

Nevertheless, for intellectual property reasons, PhD candidates enrolled in a program realized in partnership with a company are not eligible.

The way it works

32 days per PhD candidate per year maximum.

Each PhD candidate cannot be enrolled in consulting missions more than 32 working days per year.

Nevertheless, from your perspective, you can hire several PhD candidates at the same time or in a row.

What type of contract?

Your project has to be accepted by one of our academic partners. Then, a tripartite contract is signed between the PhD candidate you chose, her/his university and you. We make sure that these two steps are done quickly.

What about the price?

The price for a consulting mission starts from 600€ (VAT excluded but all services included 😄) per mission day.

You won't be billed by PhDTalent but by the university in which the PhD candidate does her/his doctorate. In the case of a research and development mission, you can get a tax credit up to 60% of the bill in the framework of the "Crédit Impôt Recherche".

What we do

1. We help you to define your objectives.

You have a problem. We know it. Our job is to understand which skills and how much time you need to solve it.

2. We define the profile and find the best PhD candidates that can solve your problem.

Once we have a clear idea of what you need, we validate the project with our academic partners and we look for the right PhD candidate for you.

3. We accompany you during the whole process.

We make sure the contractualization between the university, the PhD student and you is fluid and, when the mission starts, that everything goes well.